Customise Galaxy S8 Settings

Customise Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi settings – You can make your Galaxy S8+ / S8 more personalised by configuring Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi and various setting options.

Customise Galaxy S8 Settings

Activate the Samsung Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi feature to connect to a Wi-Fi network and access the Internet or other network devices. To use the Bixby feature, sign in to your Samsung accoun, email and other your Galaxy S8 must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network.

  1. Your device uses a non-harmonised frequency and is intended for use in all European countries. The WLAN can be operated in the EU without restriction indoors, but cannot be operated outdoors.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi to save the battery when not in use.

Manual Galaxy S8 Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

  1. On the Settings screen, tap Connections → Wi-Fi, and then tap the switch to activate it.
  2. Select a network from the Wi-Fi networks list.
    Networks that require a password appear with a lock icon. Enter the password and tap CONNECT.
    • Once the device connects to a Wi-Fi network, the device will reconnect to that network each time it is available without requiring a password. To prevent the device connecting to the network automatically, select it from the list of networks and tap FORGET.
    • If you cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network properly, restart your device’s Wi-Fi feature or the wireless router.

Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi Direct connects devices directly via a Wi-Fi network without requiring an access point.
1 On the Settings screen, tap Connections → Wi-Fi, and then tap the switch to activate it.
2 Tap Wi-Fi Direct. The detected devices are listed.
If the device you want to connect to is not in the list, request that the device turns on its Wi-Fi Direct feature.
3 Select a device to connect to.
The devices will be connected when the other device accepts the Wi-Fi Direct connection request.

Sending and receiving data

You can share data, such as contacts or media files, with other devices. The following actions are an example of sending an image to another device.

  1. Launch the Gallery app and select an image.
  2. Tap Share → Wi-Fi Direct and select a device to transfer the image to.
  3. Accept the Wi-Fi Direct connection request on the other device.

If the devices are already connected, the image will be sent to the other device without the connection request procedure.

Ending the device connection

  1. On the Settings screen, tap Connections → Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi Direct. The device displays the connected devices in the list.
  3. Tap the device name to disconnect the devices.

Setting Up Email On Samsung Galaxy

Setting Up Email On Samsung Galaxy – Email has become widely used on smartphones and Wi-Fi-enabled laptops and tablet computers. Mobile “apps” for email increase accessibility to the medium for users who are out of their home. Learn here how setting up, sending, reading the beginners guide for Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+

Setting Up Email On Samsung Galaxy

While in the earliest years of email, users could only access email on desktop computers, in the 2010s, it is possible for users to check their email when they are away from home, whether they are across town or across the world. Alerts can also be sent to the smartphone or other device to notify them immediately of new messages. This has given email the ability to be used for more frequent communication between users and allowed them to check their email and write messages throughout the day. Today, there are an estimated 1.4 billion email users worldwide and 50 billion non-spam emails that are sent daily.

Email has been widely accepted by business, governments and non-governmental organizations in the developed world, and it is one of the key parts of an ‘e-revolution’ in workplace communication (with the other key plank being widespread adoption of highspeed Internet). A sponsored 2010 study on workplace communication found 83% of U.S. knowledge workers felt email was critical to their success and productivity at work

Setting up email accounts

Set up an email account on Samsung Galaxy S8 when opening Email for the first time.

  1. Open the Samsung folder and launch the Email app.
  2. Enter the email address and password, and then tap SIGN IN.
  3. To manually register an email account, tap MANUAL SETUP.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Set up another email

Manual to add another email on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

  • To set up another email account, tap Menu → Gear/Settings → Add account.

If you have more than one email account, you can set one as the default account.

  • Tap → Gear/Settings → Menu → Set default account.

Sending emails

  1. Tap to compose an email.
  2. Add recipients and enter an email text.
  3. Tap SEND to send the mail.

Reading emails

When Email Galaxy S8 is open, the device will automatically retrieve new emails. To manually retrieve emails, swipe downwards on the screen.
Tap an email on the screen to read it.
If email syncing is disabled, new emails cannot be retrieved.

  • To enable email syncing, tap Menu → Gear/Settings → your account name, and then tap the Sync account switch to activate it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide / Manual Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide / Manual Tutorial – Here the Samsung Galaxy S8/Edge/Plus User Guide Manual which allow you to download it in PDF format and be the master on the best settings Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual, Tutorial, Problems, Tips and Tricks.

Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide / Manual Tutorial

The Galaxy S8 Manual Tutorial provided the Galaxy S8 User Guide / Manual, tutorial how to use and improve this Samsung Galaxy S, find S8 problems and solution how to fix, tips and tricks that usefull to you.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is an Android Noughat smartphone that you can update manufactured by Samsung Electronics. This phone release two Galaxy S8 models  the Galaxy S8 (5.8 inches) and S8 Plus (6.2 inches). Samsung Galaxy S8 Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual

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  • Connecting Samsung Galaxy S8 to Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks Connecting Samsung Galaxy S8 to Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks – Customise Samsung Galaxy S8 settings.

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